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Welcome to my web site!

My name is Marinela Mircea and I am Professor PhD. at Economic Informatics and Cybernetics Department from The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania.

I received my degree on Informatics in Economy from the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest in 2003, my doctoral degree in economics in 2009 and the habilitation in the field of economic informatics in june 2016.

Since 2003 I am teaching in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, at Economic Informatics Department.

Marinela Mircea
My work focuses on the programming, information system, business management and Business Intelligence. I published over 40 articles in journals and magazines in computer science, informatics and business management fields, over 30 papers presented at national and international conferences, symposiums and workshops and I was member over 15 research projects. I am the author of two book and coauthor of 10 books. In February 2009, I finished the doctoral stage, and my PhD thesis has the title Business management in digital economy.